I spotted this Blog Hop Link Up over on Rouge & Whimsy and I knew I simply had to take part!  So much of my time is spent thinking about what I don’t have, what I haven’t achieved and it’s nice to take some time to concentrate on just how fortunate I am in my life.  Here’s just a brief list of the things I’m grateful for…
Rouge & Whimsy
1.  The Boy – He is just the best creature ever to grace this planet; plain and simple.  And I really, really love him!  He does so much for me – He works so hard, he makes me laugh and he is so kind and considerate!  He’s my best friend and my reason for getting up in the morning.  I know I am extremely lucky to have met him and feel so fortunate for every day we get to spend together.
2.  My Family – They are the people who have always been there for me.  They love me unconditionally and are just so important to me.  I love them and they bring so much richness to my life.  We help each other through thick and thin and we always have fun together!
3.  My Health – I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit of a hypochondriac, so I often think that there might be something wrong with me when really there’s nothing to worry about.  But when it really comes down to it, I am so thankful that I am able to move and dance and play.  I’m incredibly grateful for my health! 
4.  Music – It may seem like a strange choice, but music is so important to me.  It helps me every single day and inspires me over and over.  It’s an easy thing to take for granted, but it’s the source of so much joy in my life, I really am so thankful for music! 
5.  Gel Toe Pads – There is no way on earth I would still be able to dance on pointe if gel pads hadn’t been invented.  They take away so much of the pain of pointe work and while I’m glad I had to go through the barbaric traditions of dancing on pointe with no padding (definitely made me stronger) now-a-days I am thrilled that I ca dance on pointe minus the blisters! 

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