Thanksgiving Lanterns DIY

I know the temptation is to go full on Christmas already…I mean decor is up all over town, stores are already playing Christmas music, yeah I know.  But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s one more autumnal themed craft for you – My third and final variation of the mason jar lantern concept, this time with leaves!

This craft is so simple.  Literally all you need are some fake leaves (you can buy packages of these at most craft stores)  mason jars, candles and some Modpodge.

Modpodge the back of your leaves and adhere them to the jar, working your way around and layering them to your liking.  Add a coat of modpodge over the top to help keep the leaves attached.  Add your candle to the jar and your done!

 I tried one with the leaves totally flat against the jar, and another where I let the tips of the leaves pull away from the jar, giving it a more natural feel.  Not sure which I prefer, but they both would make a festive centerpiece for your thanksgiving dinner table!

I am so thrilled that we have a short holiday week.  I just love having extra time to spend at home with my family! 

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