Long Term Goals and Growing Up

I suppose I’ve always been a goal maker.  And furthermore, I’ve always believed that if you set your sights on a certain goal, you can get it.  It may take longer than you want, but you can definitely get there.  That’s why I started making my annual birthday lists of things I want to accomplish over the course of the year.  

 In previous years, this list has helped me stay on track with not only extremely important goals, but also goals that are meant to remind me to live in the moment and not take life so seriously.   For various reasons, I’ve gotten a bit off track with my goals this year.  And I’m not exactly sure why.  Maybe it’s because I put a few lofty ones on there that weren’t really all that realistic.  Maybe it’s because I was presented with completely exciting (though time consuming) opportunities that I just didn’t expect.  But regardless of the reason, I have a bunch of tasks that need to happen before the year is out!  

Here’s my 30 before 30 list as it stands now…I crossed off a couple items that I know I am not going to be able to complete and actually don’t have the ambition to complete anymore.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing though.  Ambitions change sometimes, and that’s good!  

My 30 Things Before 30 List

1.  Learn to sew, properly
2.  Make something with paint sample cards
3.  Do some volunteer work
4.  Read 5 books
5.  Have a craft weekend with friends and family
6.  Take a course in something new that I’m interested in
7.  Start a dance company
8.  Get started on a masters program
9.  Submit something to a real magazine
10.  Dye my hair a fun color
11.  See a new place
12.  Do some scrapbooking
13.  Start a home design journal / look-book
14.  write 3 poems
15.  work out a new blogging schedule
16.  go to the dentist
17.  Do a major cleaning of my clothes and closet (aka get rid of a lot!)
18.  Make lots of new Desolation Dance Videos
19.  Meet one of my blog friends in person
20. Organize my digital photos
21. Buy and start using a tripod
22.  Roll down a grassy hill like I did as a child
23.  Get all of my stuff out of my parents house (hopefully)
24.  Ride a bike at the beach with the boy
25.  Learn to play an instrument (I’m thinking the ukelele)
26.  Wear more lipstick in fun colors
27.  Reconnect with an old friend
28.  See at least 1 concert

29.  Try to overcome 1 of my fears
30.  Make it a habit to look for the goodness around me, rather than focusing on the negative
If you have any suggestions or ideas on how I can accomplish any of the above before December 23rd, let me know!  

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