1960’s Style Starburst Decor

Good Morning Darlings and here we go another week!  Today I wanted to share a super easy and fun craft for you that adds an unusual and retro vibe to any living room wall.  Essentially, I wanted to create a retro-style 3D wall hanging for my front room. 

I found these plain wood squares at Michael’s and knew they’d be perfect for this project.  I bought two small and one larger square to create some contrast when I finally hang them.
The first step is to paint the squares with some wood stain.  I chose a medium colored wood stain, but you could select whatever grain you prefer.  Using a sponge brush, paint the squares with the stain, let sit for desired length (the longer you wait, the darker the color) then wipe off excess stain and let dry in the sun.  
Be sure to properly discard your used rags, as wood stain drenched wool has the potential for spontaneously combustion.  Read this post on Devon’s blog for the full details on how to dispose of the used cloths properly.  
Then, after your wood blocks have dried completely it’s time to decorate.  I chose a simple starburst design that was easy to draw freehand and recreate on all three blocks.  I practiced my design a few times on paper to be sure I was happy with it, then used metallic Sharpies in silver, gold and copper to draw it on the wood squares.  
And voila!  I used Command Wall strips by 3M to attach these lightweight squares to my wall.  I hung them in sideways, so it looks like a collection of diamonds, and I have to say, I’m pretty smitten with starburst design!  But let me know what you think, and if you try this DIY yourself be sure to send me a link!  

Happy Monday!

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