Halloween Jack-O-Lantern (Sans Pumpkin)

By Heather Toner

Hopefully you all enjoyed my last two Mason Jar inspired crafts for all hallows eve – The Mechanical Pumpkin and the Spiderweb Lantern.  Here is another variation on the Mason jar lantern craft that’s perfect for the impending holiday.  Here’s how to make a Jack-O-Lantern minus the pumpkin guts….
You’ll need a few mason jars, modge podge, orange tissue paper and a black sharpie.
Same as with the Spider Web Lantern, start by cutting your orange tissue paper to fit your mason jar.   I actually used the tissue paper that cam with my most recent Anthropologie purchase.  They have some of the best tissue paper! Cut it so it wraps around the Mason Jar only once so it remains sheer. 
Use your Modge Podge to glue the tissue paper to the outside of the jar.  Make sure there are no loose pieces and let dry completely.
Taking your black sharpie, draw your dream Jack-O-Lantern Face on the flatest side of your jar directly on the tissue paper.  I was only able to make one jar, but I plan on making more and I think it would look really cool to have a myriad of different faces and expressions on different sized jars.  Don’t you think?  
Naturally the final step is to add a candle and display your jars in a place where all the ghouls and goblins out on Halloween night can appreciate them!  

 Happy Halloween Crafting!

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