Another Mason Jar Halloween Craft – Spiderweb Lanterns

Here’s yet another Halloween DIY that takes very little time and uses a mason jar as it’s main component.  Here’s how to make your very own spider web lanterns….

All you need is a few mason jars, modgepodge, white tissue paper and a black sharpie.  Fake spiders are optional, but very much encouraged!  
To start cut your white tissue paper to fit your mason jar.  You want it to wrap around only once so it’s sheer, and I actually like to crumple the paper up a bit so you get an imperfect crumpled look when you attach it to the jar.

Next use your Modge Podge to glue the tissue paper to the outside of the jar.  Make sure there are no loose pieces and let dry completely.
The next step requires a somewhat steady hand, but again, imperfections will actually add to the realism of this particular craft.  Taking your black sharpie, draw spiderwebs on the tissue paper.  I find it helps to start with a corner shape web and then work my way around the jar, filling in black spots.  Just remember that spider webs, while not perfect or symmetrical, do follow a pretty simple geometric pattern.  Start by drawing straight lines in a circular or half circle shape, and then connect the lines with little inward-pointing arcs.  

Finally add a candle to the jar and if your feeling extra festive add a fake spider to the top and a black tulle bow around the rim!  Put your lantern in a dim lit room and watch your spiderwebs flicker in the candle light! 

Just another haunting Halloween decoration diy! 

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