Life in the Fast Lane plus Pizza

This week has been really rather crazy.  The boy and I have both been working late or have had events to attend every single evening.  And even though it’s all been fun and exciting, we’re both feeling a little exhausted.  And when we’re both this busy, a lot of the “normal” daily chores get sort of pushed aside.  Dishes need to be done, mail needs to be sorted, bed needs to get made…you get the idea.  
We also tend to go the lazy route of ordering food in when life gets like this (something we rarely ever do.)  But I think that sort of makes it more fun and special.  The other night we ordered a pizza and it was delicious.  Only problem is, the boy is something of a speed eater.  By the time I had just finished my first piece of pizza, this was all that was left…

Ok, maybe I am also a slow-eater.  But seriously.  How can anyone put away that much pizza that fast?  I am starting to suspect the boy is part anteater.

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