Made this Monday: Easy Halloween Framed Pictures

My mother is a huge Halloween fan.  Growing up, our house was always incredible around this time of year.  We were notorious around the neighborhood for having the best decorations, unique costumes and a collection of Halloween movies that would make the biggest Halloweenie jealous!
For me, Halloween was always so much fun!  Even though we’re all grown up now, my mom still manages to make the Halloween season fun for us “kids” and I find that even though I don’t do quite as much festive decorating around our place as she used to do, I still want to put a few items up that celebrate the season.  And this past weekend, my mother once again delivered with a special Halloween decor craft that’s easy, quick and looks great in our place!  
She showed me how to make these cool pictures that are easy to display and totally cool.  They are essentially copies of text, embellished with stickers or die-cuts.  We used the book the Nightmare Before Christmas, embellished with a Jack Skelington sticker, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, embellished with a die-cut of a crow on a fence.  Make your copies in black and white and cut to fit a black picture frame. 

Then, age the paper with distressed ink, as much or as little as you like, put in the frame and you’re good to go!  
The possibilities are really endless with what you can do with this method.  How would you craft it?  I’ve got a bunch of other fun Halloween crafts for the weeks to come so stay tuned! 

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