Sweet Surprises

There is nothing better than a bit of unexpected sweetness in life, don’t you think?  Over the last week I’ve had a couple sweet surprises come my way, the first being these beautiful Paint by Numbers paintings I received from my fabulous Aunt Jeanette.

Jeanette is one of the best vintage shoppers / interior decorators / treasure hunters I know.  She proved it the last time we visited her in Portland, OR.  She knew all the best vintage shops and with her help, I found two of the best vintage dresses of my life!  So it’s no surprise that she had these two gorgeous paintings in her home.  I had told her I was collecting Paint by Numbers and if she was looking to off load some of hers to send them my way.  Well, imagine my excitement when I found these two lovelies waiting on my doorstep last week!  I love them and they add so much to my “collection,”  which, until last week consisted of two paintings.

The second lovely surprise of the week was that my blog friend Lizette nominated me for the Liebster Award!  Lizette writes a wonderful blog called Creativity Lizette and I am just honored that she likes Lilac & Lace enough to recognize me in this way.  Thank you Lizette!  

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