Hey, hey October!

October is kind of my favorite month.  It’s like the month when all the fun begins.  Pumpkins, sweaters, lattes, leaves, holidays and special songs….It all starts in October.  October is also the month in which the boy and I first got “together.”  We were so young and crazy back then, to think, we’ve been together for 8 years! 
October is also a good time to make some new goals and resolutions.  I for one am on a kick to be a bit more healthy as the winter months begin.  I am going to try to take my vitamins EVERY day this month for starters (it’s such an easy task, and yet I can never remember.)  I also have the goal of taking at least one ballet class a week this whole month.  Additionally, I am planning on drinking less, eating less and generally getting more sleep!  
What are your goals for October? 

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