TV Teas and Walton’s Reunions

There have been a few goings on around here lately that highlight one of Los Angeles’ most lucrative industries – Television.  And while I suppose there’s no question that the television medium is changing significantly, with Netflix and online sharing, from my perspective it’s still going strong… And some shows from the past are still resonating with audiences, which is pretty remarkable.  
Firstly, the day before the Emmy’s the boy and I attended BAFTA LA’s TV Tea Party.  A star-studded annual event, this year’s tea was held on the rooftop of the London hotel in West Hollywood.  The view was lovely and the guest list impressive, with the likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman himself bi***es!) in attendance.  It would have been perfect if not for the blazing sun and killer heat, but that’s LA for you, even in September! Here are a few little snaps from the day…And later in the evening after quite a few glasses of champagne….

Then this past weekend, the boy and I attended the Walton’s 40th Anniversary event with my parents.  It’s kind of amazing to think that a television show can be on the air for 40 years straight and still be garnering praise and new fans.  But indeed the Walton’s has done just that.  My dad was one of the presenters of the event, as my grandfather was a regular writer on the show, and even wrote the very first episode.  It was nice to see people my grandfather worked with over the years and hear how incredibly important he was to so many of them.  I was very proud!  Here are just a couple snaps of the event taken with my iphone…My parents on the red carpet and some of my grandfather’s scripts….

The boy and I don’t actually have cable in our little flat, we are dedicated netflixers and youtube masters!  But that’s not to say we don’t have certain tv shows we love to watch (Portlandia, Breaking Bad, Switched at Birth and QI to name a few.)  

What shows are you excited about seeing this season?     

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