Fly Away Fashion Friday!

Well my lovelies, it’s been quite a week.  I’ve been so busy getting ready to go to New York and the Independent Fashion Blogger’s Convention, as well as redesigning our apartment and doing about a million other things for work.  I’m actually exhausted, but also incredibly excited!  I haven’t ever been to the Big Apple, and I am simply delighted to finally get to see it! 
One thing that always throws a bit of a hitch in my travel plans is my strong fear of flying.  I have really been working on overcoming this fear, this year, but to a certain degree, it’s always in the back of my mind.  So that’s why having a truly comfortable and casually cute flying outfit is of extra importance to me. 

I tend to lean rely on my Joe’s Jeans and a fun tee shirt to keep me feeling relaxed and comfortable.  But then I also have a few key pieces of jewelry that I always wear.  Something from both my grandmothers, and my St. Christopher pendent.  I know it sounds rather silly and superstitious, but it really helps me feel better about traveling.  

I have to assume there are others out there who are a bit skiddish of the open air and maybe have some superstitious rituals?  If you do, leave a comment and let me know!

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