4 Years Today

Four years ago today, I made a promise to my best friend.  I told the boy that I would love, honor and cherish him till death do us part.  I can hardly believe it’s already been four years; so much has changed, and yet so much is still the same.  

One thing that remains the same is the fact that I am still totally nuts about him.  Head over heels in love with him (and I am sure he’s annoyed and blushing that I just shared that with the blogisphere, but I don’t care!)  He continues to inspire me, to care for me and encourage me.  He continues to give me butterflies in my stomach when he looks at me.  I know that I am completely blessed to have him in my life.  And I wish him a very happy anniversary! 
Taken on our Honeymoon in Carmel by the Sea

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