My New (old) Couch

Sometimes, all it takes is a new pop of color to make an old piece of furniture feel new again and that’s what I did for our little love seat couch!

Originally, I got this couch from my old office when we moved locations.  It was headed for the trash so I whisked in and saved it.  It’s not very big (which is perfect for our tiny apartment) but it has a wonderful retro-vibe and unusual shape.  The one thing it needed was a bit of reupholstering.  I purchased some red fabric from Pottery Barn and did the job myself.  You can see the before and after here.

I’ve loved our red couch so much these past 3 years, but it was time for a change.  So I stripped the red fabric and started all over again with a bright avocado green color…

I love it!  It adds brightness to the room and totally works for my vintage 60’s vibe I’m imagining.  It took most of my Sunday morning, along with plenty of staple gun staples, but I’m pretty proud of the finished product!  What do you think?  Have you ever tried to reupholster a couch yourself before?  

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