Life Lately

I feel so guilty when I’m not posting regularly on this blog.  I’ve always managed to get posts up no matter how crazy my life is, but this summer I’ve been battling a major case of blog block.  I’ve just been so uninspired and frankly burnt out.  
But I’m hoping that my upcoming trip to New York and my attendance at the IFB convention will help to spark a bit more of my blogging enthusiasm again.   
Offline, I’ve been really working hard on redesigning our apartment and actually have made quite a lot of progress, but I am still searching for the perfect piece of furniture to put our TV and media stuff on.  I have a definite picture in my head of what I want and really don’t want to settle for anything less, but it may be a while before it all comes together. 
Here’s a few snapshots of life lately!  

An example of the weird things you can find at a car wash…miniature sleeping kittens?
First signs of Fall! 
My car needed a wash like something awful!
Lots of cups of tea

Now the rest of my weekend will be about continuing to clean, putting away laundry and hopefully getting a bit of time to journal and catch up on my favorite blogs!  Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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