I’m Dancin’ and Singin’ in The Rain…

Today my favorite film, Singin’ in the Rain, is released on Blu-Ray  And a special 60th Anniversary Collectors Edition is also being released. This alone is grounds for celebration in my book!

I wanted to do something special on the blog today in honor of the release.  Because, while I know that there are dozens of reasons why I chose to train to become a dancer, nothing inspired that dream more than this film.  And I realize that may sound cheesy, but what can I say?  It’s true.  I remember watching it when I was as young as 3 years old and just being blown away by Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor.  Everything they did looked like so much fun, and that was it for me – I was hooked.  I was going to be a dancer and dance in the rain. 

But even if you aren’t a dancer, or aren’t into musicals, Singin’ in the Rain is still a wonderful film that I’m sure you’d enjoy.  From the witty humor, to the Hollywood history, to the fabulous 1920’s costumes, to the catchy tunes and sweet love story – This movie is simply perfect.  Obviously I am biased, but I really do think it’s one of those films that you can’t help but enjoy.  
And of course, there is the quintessential Hollywood movie musical number – “Singin’ in the Rain.”  There is so much dance folklore around that scene, like how Gene Kelly had a fever that day of filming and was sick as a dog.  It’s one of those repeated tales dancers tell each other as a way to encourage ourselves to push through the pain and perform.  It’s just such a simple piece, but so brilliant and so well composed – And it really does inspire you to dance!  Well…It inspires me to anyway…But it also just makes me feel happy.  It reinvigorates me and fills me with a joy for life.  Take a look… 

What a Glorious Feeling! 

Now, I hope some of you watched that and I hope it made you happy!  In honor of this epic movie I’m going to be hosting a special giveaway later today and I’ll be sharing more fun Singin’ in the Rain clips, music and more!  So stay tuned! 

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