Hello Blog.  I’m back.  Though, to be honest I feel like I need even more of a break.  I had a marvelous vacation with my family to Kauai and sort of fell in love with the island and their laid back way of life.  So the above picture is something of a motto I plan on adopting!
I’ve been seriously wondering if this blog is something I still want to keep up.  I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking about the value of this outlet along with how much I want to pursue it.  I’ve been also pondering the psychology of blogging and why I do it.  Why any of us do it.  It’s a concept I do want to pursue further, but I also think I am going to slow down the posts a bit and use this opportunity to redefine this blog.  
As you can see there have been some changes around here to the template, and I am still toying with it…Be warned that it may change quite a bit more, as I am just experimenting.  The thing is I have so much to share – A lot happened this past week so there is quite a bit I want to blog about, but I’m afraid it may be a bit slow going for a while.  
I hope you will bare with me as I continue to regroup and get it together.  I plan to have a whole bunch of fun things for you soon!  And in the meantime, here’s a shameful plug for work – Jigsaw London just marked down a whole bunch of wonderful clothes and accessories as part of their annual summer sale – so treat yourself to some massive deals for Independence Day!  Read more about it here.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!    

One thought on “Aloha!

  1. hi!

    it's rachelle from steinbach canada, again.

    i just thought i would let you know why i read blogs and what your blog has done for me.

    i am a stay at home who started having kids later in life. i live in a small conservative town and i am not mainstream. (bright hair, artsy, a little bit feminist/egalitarian) most mom's that i meet live for their kids and have no sense of self, live in beige houses with beige walls. no one here really inspires my creative side or challenges me to think.

    and, one day, i was sent a link to a blog and, as silly as this might sound, it changed my life.

    all of a sudden i realized that there were other mom's struggling with the same things i was and i had hope. they were creative and doing interesting things and living life to the fullest.

    now, i don't need the mom support as much, but i DO need the creative inspiration and, your blog, falls under that heading for me.

    your ideas, dance rants and videos, burger reviews and outfits are inspiring. they spark creativity in me and my little girly. and for that, once again, thank you.

    so, if you decide to let this blog go, you will be missed in my home. however! i totally get it if you stopped blogging here.

    if you ever are in manitoba you should stop by! 🙂


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