Lummis House – A Slice of LA History

Los Angeles is notorious for tearing down its buildings and pretty much ignoring its history.  So many sections of LA have been lost to our seeming obsession with modernization.  Even some of the most important building in film history have been lost to progress in this city…And none of it was even that old!
However, there are still a few architectural gems and relevant places preserved for the Los Angeles sight seer and local history enthusiast – One being the house of Charles Lummis, known as El Alisal.
Regarded as the first “literary salon” of the west, Charles Lummis was a well known writer and patron of the arts.  He had been the editor of a little publication called the Los Angeles Times.  He entertained musicians, philosophers, actors, writers and even presidents at his Mexican-styled home, renown for it’s cement floors and perfect party-set-up.  He was passionate about preserving the Missions of California and had a real passion for life in this corner of the west!  
Here are a few photos of a recent visit the boy and I made to the house, which is now a museum open to the public!  If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend a visit! 

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