Fool-Proof Chicken Fajita Recipe

I want to share a little secret with y’all that I’ve always been a bit embarrassed about, but maybe some of you will be able to commiserate with my problem.  You see, the thing is…I hate cooking. 

There, I said it.  I feel terrible every time I admit that to myself!  You see, I married into a family of foodies, and while I love to eat the delicious meals they create, I can’t relate to their enthusiasm for food.  They kinda obsess on the process, on the ingredients…My weekends are often spent trolling Los Angeles’ markets with my foodie-hubby looking for some obscure radish or seasoning to make some crazy curry sauce that I can’t even pronounce.  And while I can cook decent meals and bake with the best of them, I don’t like to, I just do it because I have to, because I have to eat to live.  That’s basically where my enthusiasm stops.

Naturally, my lack of enjoyment in cooking has lead to a very limited selection of meals that I know how to cook without a recipe.  But I do have one that I keep in my arsenal of meals that I can throw together with the greatest of ease and it pretty much always comes out tasting delicious.  It’s a crowd-pleaser, even to my food-snobby in-laws.  So here is my patented-fool-proof-foodie-approved recipe for Chicken Fajitas! 

-Slice 2 fresh chicken breasts into thin strips and put in a large mixing bowl with about 2 tbs olive oil

-Chop 1 red onion, 2 bell peppers (I usually do a red and a yellow) into strips and add to the bowl

-Chop 1 red jalapeno pepper into strips, be sure to remove all the ribs and seeds and add to the bowl
    * careful not to touch your face before washing your hands, as this pepper can burn your eyes

-Sprinkle a generous amount of Paprika and Cumin into the bowl along with a dash of salt & pepper

-Mix contents of the bowl well with your hands, cover and go watch an episode of Seinfeld

-Heat up a skillet or griddle pan if you have one, and add the contents of the bowl

-Cook for about 15 mins or until chicken strips are throughly cooked and onions look translucent

-Meanwhile heat your oven to 300 F and place 4 to 6 tortillas wrapped in tin-foil on center rack for about 5 mins

-Add juice from one lime to the chicken and vegetables

-Turn off the heat and grab some tongs and your tortillas and go ahead and serve
*note: these taste even better with a margarita!  😉


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