Saturday Steaks: Gordon Ramsay

Ok, I know a lot of you out there may be surprised at what I’m about to say, but I really like Gordon Ramsay.  That is, I like him for more than his cooking.  I like his on-air personality.  I like his passion.  I think, that while he may have a tendency for swearing and he may be rather unreasonable at times, he’s actually kind of sweet!  He always has the best intentions and regardless of what you may think of him, there’s no doubt that he loves cooking and the man makes some tasty food.  To see what I mean, watch the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares.  It’s on Netflix and it really gives you a taste of Gordon’s personality and his true cooking expertise. 
And now, after that warm introduction, this week’s steak comes to you from Gordon Ramsay!  Notice how fast he talks – No time to waste!  He’s like the polar opposite of Jamie Oliver. 
I really enjoyed this steak.  The crust was a delicious, it had a rich full flavor, and it was ready so fast!  Gordon Ramsay doesn’t mess around.  This steak certainly surpassed Jamie’s and it actually was a bit more my style than Hestons.  Well done, Ramsay!  

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