Saturday Steaks – Jamie Oliver

This week’s steak was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s recipe for the “perfect steak.”  And it was good but takes much longer. However, this technique did produce a more caramelized, sweet, crunchy top layer on the steak which I liked.  It’s the pepper I think.  Burnt pepper.  Mmmm.  
I like Jamie Oliver’s food, but his manner on television kind of gets under my skin.  Not exactly sure why, but it does.  I think he talks an awful lot with his hands and I guess I find that distracting and mildly annoying.  
Anyway, the steak was good.  Had a much more traditional flavor, and was a bit more cooked than the Heston one, and I liked that.  Though, it wasn’t as memorable.  
Here’s the video showing how it’s done…
Happy Saturday!

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