Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day always signifies the start of summer for me.  It’s the final marker out of spring and into the season of swimming pools, sundresses, Popsicles and barbeques… I kinda love that.  I love the summer.  I love the sunshine.  I love being out and about, playing games and going on adventures.

Perhaps one of my favorite summertime activities is spending an evening at a ball game.  In my opinion, baseball is the most fun sport to go and watch in person (though I generally don’t like watching it on TV.)  I like being there at the stadium!  The smell of the grass, the hot dogs, the organ music – Oh I get a kick out of the whole thing!  And the boy and I were fortunate enough to attend a game just last Friday (thanks Dad!)  Dodgers vs Cardinals and the Dodgers won!  I think the whole team is looking so good this year, they really seem to be coming together as a team and I can’t wait to continue supporting them all summer long!

What’s your favorite sport to attend?


Also, just like to say thank you, on this memorial day weekend, to all the men and women who have served and are serving for our country.  You are incredible people.

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