Saturday Steaks

The boy really enjoys cooking.  And it’s a good thing too, because I do NOT.  You can read more about that here.    But I do enjoy eating good food and our food is becoming nicer and nicer the more he cooks.  But he’s decided to set himself a little challenge (we do love our challenges in this house.)  He is going to try several different chef’s recipes for cooking the “perfect steak.”  We will then try one each weekend and decide which technique truly turns out the best steak.  
Now I know what you must be thinking.  We are already consuming more burgers than we should on a regular basis, how can we possibly add a weekly steak to the mix too?  Well to ease your mind, I think I should explain that we will be sharing one steak between us and we already share one burger when we go out on the quest…Except for on a few occasions when I was so ravenous I refused to share and made the boy get his own burger.  It’s still quite a bit of red meat, but we’re trying our best to keep it as healthy as possible.  And it’s all in the name of blogging, so that makes it ok, right?  Right!
So, on to the first specimen.  For this gorgeous steak, the boy followed this incredibly straight-forward recipe by British kitchen wizard Heston Blumenthal.  If you haven’t ever seen what this man can do with food, I highly recommend you watch a few of his shows from Britain.  There are tons of clips on youtube and I promise it’s worth the search.  He creates magical feasts that bring in all the senses.  It’s really interesting.  Here’s the how-to the boy followed:
And the finished product?  I have to say it was delicious.  I would have preferred it to be a bit more cooked in the middle (still getting used to eating meat rare.)  But it really was so flavorful and juicy!  I loved the rocket salad as well.  Again it was so simple, but really was incredibly delicious!  A superb steak! 

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