Made this Monday: Catalog Journal

I guess it’s no secret that I love journals (I feel like I post about them a LOT.)  But one of my favorite kinds of journals is an upcycled version made from the Urban Outfitters catalog. 

I always feel a bit guilty subscribing to catalogs because of my contribution to wasted paper.  But upcycling them into a fun journal takes away the twinge of guilt just a little bit.  And seriously, this craft takes about 10 minutes. 

I felt inspired to make this one the other night because I just love the southwestern styling of the photos and all the bright colors.  It seemed like it would make a perfect Summer Journal!  

Simply go through the catalog and tear out 4 to six pages you like.  Pick two pages that you want for the inside and outside cover of your journal.  You will tape them back to back so be aware that one side of each of the pages won’t be seen. 

Now you can either just tape them back to back as they are or you can do what I did and add a bit of thin cardboard between them, giving your cover some sturdiness.  I simply went to kitchen and got a cereal box (took out the remaining cereal) and cut it to side.  Tape your catalog pages to either side of the box.  Then line the edges with pretty masking tape. 

Next, fold your cover and all the remaining catalog sheets in half and order them so you like the way they look when you flip through them as a book.  Once you have them the way you want, place them inside your cover.  Take a strand of embroidery thread, knot it and make a few stitches in the center of your journal, creating a sort of spine to your book.  Really just two stitches are needed.  Knot and cut the access thread.  And….You’re done!  Hooray! 

Now the fun part comes in.  Fill your journal with scribbles, sketches, photos, whatever you want!  These journals are great for layering paper onto and displaying instax mini photos.  Happy journaling! 

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