Changing it Up…

So I missed yesterday’s post mainly because I was just so busy this week.  But also because when it came time for me to pick an outfit for my Fashion Friday post, I found myself at a loss.  Maybe it’s the new day job (working in fashion) but I feel rather uninspired by my wardrobe these days.  I have this strong urge to change up my style, and find a new look so to speak.  But I’m not real sure what I want that to be…
I’ve always gravitated towards girly dresses, 1950’s styles and preppy colors…And I still love that.  But a part of me wants to bring a bit of sophistication into my style.  Dress a bit more chic and classic.  But then another part of me really wants to embrace a kind of western, bohemian, 1970’s flower-child look.  Perhaps that’s just a residual effect from Coachella…
In any case, I am looking to change things up and clear some of my closet out.  (I literally have no room for anything new.)  And I may change up my Friday posts to reflect all this…I’m also not so sure I can pull off the posing; it’s a bit weird for me.  But while there may not be posing, there will still be plenty of fashion, so stay tuned!  

2 thoughts on “Changing it Up…

  1. I just started following your blog today so I'm eager to see your new style but for me it won't be new…guess I'll be looking through the archives 😉


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