Lately, I have been really busy.  I’ve been busy adjusting to my new job.  I’ve been very busy writing.  I’ve been busy planning all kinds of new projects….The busy-ness is basically at an all time high and when things get like this it’s hard for me to know just how to adjust to make everything work. 
What I usually need to do is unplug and take some large steps away from my computer, yet that seems to be the hardest thing for me to do!  I’m obviously a mad blog addict!  (And I’m pretty ok with that, since there are much worse things to be hooked on.)  But still taking a break is necessary every once and a while.  
That’s part of what I love about Coachella (and Palm Springs in general.)  It’s a place where I can escape the siren call of my computer, relax and let loose with some sunshine and music.  While it can be an exhausting few days, I always feel refreshed when I come back – like the time in the desert rejuvenated me somehow. 
I’ll share some more about our Coachella trip later this weekend, but for now, here’s an iphone preview! 

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