Dresses and Skate Shoes

Happy Friday the 13th!  Since it’s kind of a freaky friday, I figured I’d pull a “freaky-friday” and pretend I’m back in high school again!
My favorite fashion statement when I was about 15 was wearing cute floral sundresses with a pair of super chunky skater shoes.  I think I had ES’s at one time, and DC’s another….We used to have to drive into the valley just to get them, because PacSun and all the cheesy stores in the mall hadn’t quite stocked their inventory with the hippest shoes yet.  My brother and I would make the trip to 118 Skate Shop with all the seriousness of a religious pilgrimage. 
Sadly, I don’t have any pictures from high school of myself in this style, but I’m still kind of in love with the concept.  I think it’s still so me in a lot of ways and I tried to recreate it with my skater style Nike’s.   I may try to bring it back this summer, whatcha think? 

It was so windy I had to hold my dress to keep it from billowing out
See, this is what happens and I look like I’ve got a bun in the oven, which I DON’T!

 Have a great weekend! 

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