You call that Lilac?

The boy alerted me to the recent debauchery of actress Amanda Bynes the other night and I was so sad to see that the young actress had been driving under the influence.  I will never understand why people do that, regardless of who they are…But I digress.  
While I felt sorry for the young lady,  I must admit I was more interested in the fact that she dyed her hair LILAC.  Lilac.  As in Lilac & Lace.
Personally, I too have been hankering to add some pigment to my own hair, but I think I may just add a few pink streaks….Lilac, while obviously one of my favorite colors, has got to be one of the hardest colors to pull off.  It’s not quite purple, it’s not quite pink; how do you go lilac without looking like an Easter egg?  And then when it fades I suppose you’re stuck with something that looks a bit like this….

Not so lilac if you ask me.  It seems that the only person that can pull off this tricky shade is the old lady from the the Juicy Couture campaign from years past….

I’m talking about the one all the way to the right… Her hair and her outfit are the same colors of my childhood bedroom.  Look at her! She is beyond fabulous!  

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