Made this Monday: Stitching with Jenny Hart

I was so excited to snag a spot in a Jenny Hart embroidery workshop over at UCLA (my old stomping ground) a couple of weekends ago.  I absolutely adore her pattern designs and was interested in improving my embroidery skills, as I’m not really the best at it…So I took my Mom along with me and we had an amazing time.
The event was held at the Fowler Museum, a home to a myriad of world arts and cultural artifacts, so the program started with a tour of the current exhibit Order and Disorder: Alighiero Boetti by Afghan Women.  It was very interesting.   Alighiero Boetti was an Italian artist who employed Afgan women to hand embroider his designs.  Their work is stunning, and it’s an incredible exhibit that explores the skills of these unsung women who brought Boetti’s visions to light.  I highly recommend checking it out.   
Then we went into the studio to start stitching.  Jenny explained all the basic stitches and taught us some fancy one’s too, like the french knot.  And bonjour!  I finally was able to get one right.  We stitched some preprinted tea towels with her letter designs while Jenny told us about her background and how Sublime Stitching came to be.  It was really a compelling story and she is so inspiring!  A wonderful time was had by all!  
Here’s a few photos I snapped during the workshop…I didn’t take too many because no one else was and I didn’t want to seem too weird.  But hey, I’m a blogger and that’s what we do right? 

Jenny Hart demonstrating a trick to knot the end of your thread
My Mom was stitching up a storm!
my tea towel (check out those french knots!)

I had my mom take my picture with Jenny after, but for some reason, it came out all out of focus.  So here’s me with the elusive, blurry Jenny Hart…

I feel completely inspired to get working on some embroidery projects now! 

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