Hollywood Heritage Museum

Alright, so in case you weren’t aware, I have a big thing for the movies.  I love them.  Having grown up in Los Angeles, and in a family pretty much obsessed with film, I suppose it’s no surprise that I developed an affinity for the art form. 
But in particular, I have a severe love of classic films.  The films of Frank Capra and Metro Goldwyn Mayer musicals of the 40’s and 50’s helped get me through the lowest points of my life.  I wanted to learn about film history when I was a young adult and so I just kept watching films and learning…When I met the boy, he took me to see screenings of silent films through the UCLA Film Archive and my passion for films of the 20’s and 30’s began to grow.  And still, I am always thrilled by discovering great films both new and old! 
So recently, the boy and I decided that, given our love of the movie biz, we should check out the Hollywood Heritage Museum.  And so we did, last weekend.  It’s just across from the Hollywood Bowl and is inside a barn that was used as a set on the first full length motion picture, The Squaw Man, directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

The museum had some interesting items, some donated from Paramount, others from people’s personal collections.  There was a muskiness inside the barn as well, with old cameras set up around the perimeter, you could almost smell the old Hollywood magic! 

My only complaint would be that I’m surprised at the lack of materials and information in the museum.  It’s a little bit sad when you consider that there are hundreds of wealthy movie buffs in the area…I’m surprised the museum isn’t better funded and has a better collection.  But that’s life.  Er, I should say, that’s Hollywood!

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