Made this Monday: Floral Antlers

When I saw this project on A Beautiful Mess, I knew I HAD to make one of my own.  But I wanted to create an antler display that I could update based on the season, you know, with different flowers depending on the time of year.  
So when my Hobby Lobby antlers arrived in the mail, I came up with an idea to create changeable floral arrangements that simply hook onto the center of the antlers.  Genius, right?  
This is probably one of the easiest crafts in the world, the hardest part was picking which flowers to use at Micheal’s (they have so many pretty ones right now for Spring.)  But I decided upon white and pink peonies, to mimic Emma’s version.
Once you have a selection of flowers, all you need is some cardboard and a glue gun and you’re in business.   I actually used the box the antlers came in for my cardboard pieces. 
Just cut your cardboard out to fit around the center of your antlers, and use scissors to poke holes in the places where the antlers will come through.  (I actually used the horns and pushed the cardboard directly on, then used my scissors to clean up the holes.)  You piece of cardboard should kind of look like a mask.  

Then simply arrange your flowers the way that looks best and glue them down to the cardboard…Just be sure not to cover the holes completely.  Once done, you can pop your flowers onto your antlers, and then when the season changes, you can switch them out with another arrangement! I made a autumnal option with dark mustard yellow and white flowers, but I also have plans to make a version with poinsettias for the holiday season!  Don’t you think that would be pretty?  

Thanks to Elsie and Emma for inspiring this craft! 

One thought on “Made this Monday: Floral Antlers

  1. Love your take on it, I never would have thought to make it changeable. Verrrrrry clever! I saw this on Elsie's blog a while back but we don't have Hobby Lobby here so I sort of dismissed it. I never thought about ordering online! D'oh!


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