Fashion Friday: Mod Squad

With the return of Mad Men, I have been digging a kind of swinging 60’s vibe all week. Coupled with my current gravitation towards stripes, this outfit was inevitable…

I tried my hand at doing some mod make-up (nude lips and twiggy eyes) but wasn’t all that successful.  I think I need to practice a bit more, don’t you?

Did you watch the Mad Men premier?  What did you think?  I am, once again, totally intrigued by Pete Campbell and have been listening to 1960’s French pop on Spotify… So glad my favorite show is finally back!

3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Mod Squad

  1. You are so gorgeous and I love that dress!!! I don't watch Mad Men, however I am so excited for MY favorite show… True Blood. In June. Ahhhh! It fits my lifestyle and fashion perfectly, haha. A little sweet, a little sinful!


  2. Love your stripes! I got dressed up for the premiere as well! (and I made my boyfriend dress up! haha) I was surprised Betty wasn't in the episode! Haven't watched last night's ep yet though so maybe we'll see her.




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