Made this Monday – Medal of Honor

No, I haven’t been to see the Hunger Games yet.  Yes, I am anxious to see it.

But I hate the pressure with these film franchises.  It seems as though if you don’t see it on opening weekend you lose…Lose what I’m not sure.  I mean, what do these early birds get for seeing a film on opening weekend?  A medal?

Hmmm, a medal sounds kinda cool.  Here’s an easy DIY to make your very own medals, inspired by one I found on an old Girl Scout sash.  You can give them to friends or keep them for yourself and revel in all you many daily accomplishments!  😉

You’ll Need…

a bit of  felt
matching thread
a brooch pin
embellishments like vintage pins, patches or handmade felt badges

Simply cut your felt into a strip the width of your pin and taper one end to a point.  You can make it as long as you like, but keep in mind that you will lose a bit of length at the top when you attach it to the pin.

Then fold the straight edge of the felt over the front of the pin and stitch across to hold in place.

Finally, add a decorative pin, badge or other felt shape (I attached a simple felt heart to one medal with craft glue) to the medal to give it some pomp and shine, and get ready to display your medals proudly!  I attached a couple to a white blazer and I love the militant whimsy they add!

Have you seen the Hunger Games yet?

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