Made this Monday: Tea Towel Tote Bag

I love finding pretty tea towels, only problem is, they hang in my kitchen, over the handles of my stove and they really serve no purpose but to look pretty.  This would actually be fine except the boy doesn’t understand this concept.  

The first time he used one of my nice towels to mop up the grease on the stove top I flipped.  And he just looked at me wide-eyed and confused.  He couldn’t grasp why I’d have towels out that were not to be used but were for display only, but eventually he figured it out.  To his credit, this actually doesn’t make sense.  And inevitably, my display-only-tea-towels always end up getting grease and grime on them anyway.  This makes me sad, especially when I spent a pretty penny on said tea towel. 

But what makes me happy is giving new purpose to a pretty patterned towel!  Usually linen,  lovely and a perfect size, tea towels are great for converting into throw pillow covers or tote bags!  Here’s how I made an adorable chevron print towel from Target into a handy-dandy tote:
First iron your towel to get out an creases.

Fold in half so the backside is facing out (this will be the inside of your tote.)

Sew both sides all the way down from the ends to the fold.  I used a triangle stitch for extra support.

Next attach some straps.  You can used grosgrain ribbon, fabric or a nice strong weaved ribbon, which is what I used.  I actually have no idea where or when I got it, but obviously I had been stashing it for just such a craft project.

Cut your straps so they are each 24″ long and attach all four ends with a pin 3″ from the edge of the fabric, at the top end of course.    Turn your towel right-side-out and stitch straight across each strap, trying to stay lined up with the hem already on the top of your towel/bag.  Also be careful not to sew through both sides of your towel and accidentally sew your bag shut! 

And that’s it!  Presto – Tote Bag!  Now fill it with books and go show off to your friends.  😉


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