Made this Monday: Gap Clutch Restyle

This past weekend was my sister-in-law Emily’s birthday party and we got her one of these cute leather clutches from Gap.  Normally I don’t shop at the Gap, and it wouldn’t be a place I would think it to shop for Emily, but something drew me in last week and I admit, I was pleasantly surprised. 

I liked the clutch so much I bought one for myself too!  But for mine, I wanted to see if I could jazz it up and add my own personal flair.  Inspired by this chevron clutch from Red Velvet, I decided to add some chevron stripes cut from vintage fabrics.  

To make, simply draw a chevron pattern on the back side of your fabric and carefully cut out.  I kept the zigzags pretty big to make cutting easier.  (I’ve always been a bit clumsy with scissors!) 

Cut at least three in different chevron stripes and use fraycheck on the edges to keep from fraying.  

Apply fabric glue to the back of the fabric and carefully attach to your clutch, making sure to line up the edges and cut to fit the front of the clutch (or you can wrap it all the way around as I did if you have enough fabric.)

And that’s it!  If you feel like being an over achiever you could always hand stitch around all the edges to create a nice finished look, but it’s totally not necessary.  

Helpful hint:  Try to use a variety of bright colors to ensure your clutch goes with lots of different outfits!

Happy Restyling! 

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