Fashion Friday: Feathers and Fluff

Happy Friday!  Ee-ghads, I am so glad this work week is ending!  Here’s a little outfit I wore yesterday.  Actually, I like all the outfits I wore this week…As far as fashion goes, it was a good week!  This dress has the prettiest feather print and I absolutely adore the colors, which is why I bought it…Even though I’m not wild about the cut and don’t think it’s all that flattering.  The belt (taken from a different dress) helps give it some shape though, and a weird guy in the elevator at work told me I was “soo beautiful.”  So, I guess, I can call the dress a winner? 

Dress: Target
Belt: Clever
Booties: Forever 21

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  1. Live4StarWars

    like the new layout…do you make/do the layout yourself or someone else do it for you because i'd like to re-do mine but eh it's not going so hot ^^U

    And i like the dress too, smart using the belt


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