The Irish Rovers #1 – Belfast

It’s crazy how time flies and to think it’s nearly been a month since we were in England and Ireland.  And I still haven’t even begun to share all our adventures!  I got to get on this, I know.
The first stop on our Northern Ireland Road Trip was Belfast.  It was an interesting city, whose history is pretty much dominated by tragedy and hardship.  We really only had one afternoon there, so we hopped on a double decker bus and got a quick overview of Belfast in a quick 2 hours.  We saw the shipyards where the Titanic was built, the mountain that inspired Gulliver’s Travels, the Capital Building, the Opera House, and the wall that served to divide the Catholics from the Protestants, along with a dozen murals painted around the city, in response to the troubles.  
As a city, it’s clearly taken the brunt of a lot of hardship, having been a very dangerous place during the troubles and having been the 3rd most bombed city during World War II, after London and Coventry.  The city looks like it’s still just beginning to recover.  But the people were all so friendly and funny and we went to some amazing pubs and a delicious restaurant….I ate pigeon, venison and a bit of pigs cheek.  I realize that probably sounds disgusting to most you Yankees, but trust me, it was incredibly tasty.  Though not the pigeon so much, I think I’d be content to never eat pigeon again.  Still it was great to try it.   
In The Crown Pub

the wall

Irish Stew
Jack, my sisters in law Anna and Katie, and my mother in law Breige signing the wall

Oh, there is so much more to tell you about Belfast, but it would take all day, and I am sure you have better things to do.  So I’ll just let the pictures tell the story.

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