6 Romantic Classic Movies that Can’t Miss!

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends!  As I’ve said before, this is one of my favorite holidays.  Not only do I love pink and red and doilies and paper hearts and roses and chocolate (all of which are abundant on Valentine’s Day) but I also love having an excuse to stay in and watch a romantic movie with the boy.
With all the craziness that surrounds Valentine’s Day, we much prefer to skip a crowded restaurant and spend a quiet evening at home. Which basically means the boy will cook something delicious and we’ll snuggle up on the couch to watch some romantic classic film.
When we first started dating, the boy and I bonded over the fact that we’re both movie geeks and love classic films.  So in honor of that, here are a few of my favorite classic movie choices for Valentine’s Day…(Warning: Major spoilers to follow!)
Roman Holiday – This film is just so sweetly romantic! Especially the last scene, when you just know Gregory Peck just wants to take Audrey Hepburn in his arms and give her a big smakeroo!  But he can’t because she happens to be a princess and you know that, through their silent desire , they know it’s probably the last time they’ll see one another.  (Sigh.)  Also Audrey just looks gorgeous from start to finish! 

Sunrise – This film has been highly acclaimed as a masterpiece and a feat of it’s time with the special effects used and the compelling cinematography, but beyond that, it’s also an extremely romantic and dramatic story.  Perfectly composed from the acting, to the effects, to the story telling, I feel like this film is easily the most romantic thing ever put on celluloid.  It really shows the caliber of a truly great silent film…..And there’s a pig that gets drunk.  Bonus! 

Ball of Fire – Barbara Stanwyck is just about the coolest chic ever in this rendition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  In this version, the seven dwarfs are actually 7 professors writing a new encyclopedia and shenanigans ensue when a love blooms over a lesson in slang and some mobster hijinks.  I laugh all the way through this film from start to finish and Gary Cooper couldn’t be more hopelessly adorable!  It’s a film you’re sure to enjoy and you may walk away with several choice slang phrases like, hoi toi toi and scram, scrim, scraw

It Happened One Night – A Capra classic, this film wrote the book on what a romantic comedy should be.  Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert find themselves as unlikely travel buddies on a bus trip to New York.  While they fight like cats and dogs every step of the way, a love eventually blossoms between them that even the walls of Jericho can’t keep out. Oh and Clark Gable, let me join Judy in saying that you made me love you!  He’s pretty dashing. 

An American in Paris – Yes, it’s a musical starring Gene Kelly, and all the music is by Gershwin, and there is a complete ballet in it, and it’s set in a technicolor version of Paris…So do I even need to go on?  While it may not be traditionally thought of a a romance film, just trust me on this one, it is.  I personally think that the scene where Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron dance by the Seine to “Our Love is Here to Stay” almost exclusively without touching, is one of the most romantic moments captured on film.  It perfectly communicates their young, tenuous, and uncertain love affair all through music and dance.  It’s brilliant.  Also, Leslie Caron wears just about every color pointe shoe possible – Delightful!

Gidget – Ok, it may be completely hokey and cheesy, but if you’re looking for something that captures 1960’s wholesome adolescent love at it’s best, look no further.  Plus it’s the perfect film to make you feel like your 1960’s summer is just around the corner!  It certainly makes me want to wax down my surfboard and hit the swells!  What makes this film most charming is the way Sandra Dee tries to figure out a way to get her Moondoggie (James Darren – quite the looker in his day) to see her as more than a surfing pal – it’s just adorable.  It’s a super fun film to watch.  Plus it features a few choice songs and Gidget’s swimsuits are totally cute! 

So there you have it!  Those are my classic Valentine films of choice.  Hope you all have a lovely V-day and let me know if you watch any of these films – I’d love to hear what you think!

Lots of Love,


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