Hearts 4 you!!!

It’s funny how up and down my emotions have been this past week.  I guess it’s just residual jet lag, but in the span of just a few days my emotions have ranged from gloomy, anxious, worried, frustrated, restless and uninspired to bored, panicked, listless and discouraged.  Don’t I sound like a bundle of laughs? 
I hate when I start feeling that way, as it’s completely unproductive and not fun for anyone, including myself.  So as a way to snap myself out of it I decided to do something nice.  Niceness almost always cures feelings of discouragement, at least for me. 
So here it is, as a NICE gesture, I will be giving away super cute handmade Glitter Heart Hair Clips just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The way it works is simple, if you’d like to receive a heart clip, just send me a message via my contact form with your mailing info and I’ll send you one.*  Sound good? 

There is kind of a catch….I mean, I can’t force you or anything, but if you like my clips enough to request one, I would be ever so appreciative if in return, you could spread the word to your blogging, tweeting and facebooking friends.  That would be sooo….Nice.  😉

*While my supplies last, what do you think, I’m made of gold?  Helllll NOOOO! 😉

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