Just Some Singin’ in the Rain Fashion Ideas

My favorite movie of all time, ever is Singin’ in the Rain.  I love it more than one really should love a movie.  It’s a big reason why I wanted to become a dancer.  I adore Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor, and I just wanted to be able to do what they could do. 

Plus the story is pretty awesome.  I love being transported into a technicolor version of Hollywood in the late 1920’s.  Seeing the outfits, hearing the songs, and imagining what the industry was like back then.  Plus it’s hilarious.  Really I think Singin’ in the Rain is a work of comedic genius…But clearly, you can see I’m a fan.  
So here’s some Singing in the Rain inspired fashion to brighten, or maybe I should say rain cloudy up your day! 😉


It doesn’t rain much here in Los Angeles, but every now and then the “California dew is a little heavier than usual.”  For those days, I’d like to dance down the street in this lovely raincoat – so classic! 


And I am one of those people that inevitably gets soaked even with an umbrella; I’m thinking a bubble umbrella like this one may do the trick…


Lastly, ya gotta wear some Wellies!

4 thoughts on “Just Some Singin’ in the Rain Fashion Ideas

  1. I realllllly wish Florida was closer to California. We would have the best movie nights ever. I love your movie posts and I especially love old Hollywood. There's and umbrella at Hollywood Studios in Orlando that when you stand under it (and push a button with your foot) it “rains.” I love it!


  2. I stage managed a production of this once and said I'd never do it again unless I was under an Equity contract. But that was just because dealing with real rain on stage is a big pain in the ass. I do love the dance numbers and all the music.


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