A Resolution and a Trip

So today’s post is a little different than usual.  Rather than a craft that I made, this is something else.  This is a resolution I made to conquer one of my fears and while I am not saying I have absolutely no fear anymore, I can proudly say that I’m making progress.  
You see I am afraid of flying.  And it’s a terrible thing to be afraid of, particularly for me, because I have to fly.  When you have a cross-continental boyfriend you have to fly to see him.  Then when you marry him, you have to fly to visit your new cross-continental family.  Flying is inevitable for me, it just has to be done on a regular basis.  
So this is a fear that I really need to overcome.  I spend so much time and energy being freaked out about flying.  I worry about it months ahead of time.  I am a total basket case on board and it’s all for nothing because I can’t do anything about it.  I’m not in control, I can’t leave the aircraft and there’s no other way for me to get where I need to go.  
So this Made this Monday is in honor of a trip I just made to England, Ireland and back.  I made it without worrying too much.  It wasn’t perfect.  I still freaked out when I saw that the plane for our return from Ireland was a tiny plane with perpellors.  But I made it through.  I let the planes take me where I needed to go.  I allowed myself to sit back, relax and enjoy the flight…. most of the time.  I used some of the techniques I’ve been working on to overcome my anxiety.  And I held the boy’s hand the whole way.

Do you have a fear you’d like to overcome?  Any other flying scaredy cats out there?  Any tips you may have would be very much appreciated!


One thought on “A Resolution and a Trip

  1. For me, flying was a fear that I developed as I got older. My dad would send me to Mexico as an unaccompanied minor since I was about 6 or 7 and never did I worry about it, but that's simply because I didn't know better. In December I went back to Mexico and I found the flight to be the best I'd ever had. I just wanted to hug and kiss the pilot for taking off and landing safe and sound without a hitch. For me, the ironic thing is, 5 people in my family are pilots. I just had my uncle, (Who's the most experienced) to talk me through everything that they have to do, including the effects of turbulence. Now, one of the things on my bucket list is to pilot a plane, (even if for two minutes) hahahaha. Glad you were able to relax a bit and just enjoy the flight. I find once you let go, the scenery can be a somewhat beautiful experience.


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