Fashion Friday: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Earrings

Last weekend, the boy and I attended a particularly swanky pre-golden-globe-awards party.  I must admit, it was a lot of fun!  We saw a whole bunch of A-listers, met a couple of them too and I did something that will (in a small way) forever link me to Leonardo DiCaprio.  I outbid him on a pair of earrings featured in the silent auction.  That’s right, I won Leo’s earrings!  I was so nervous about upping his bid (because c’mon this is Leo we’re talking about!)  But in the heat of the moment, I went for it, and I am so glad I did! 
Sure they may not be as fancy as the Le Cœur de la Mer, but I actually think they are way more stylish and certainly, the story behind how I got them makes them exceptionally special.  They are from Blue Nile, which carries a large assortment of gorgeous gems including several different versions of my citrine and smokey quartz gemstone earrings.  So this makes for a slightly unusual Fashion Friday, I know.  But I had to share my new favorite accessory….Now I just need an event at which to wear them….

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