Let’s Run Away to Neverland!

I’ve always been a fan of Peter Pan. And who isn’t?  It’s one of those stories that resonates with people of all ages.  It has so many layers and themes.  It is filled with magic and charm, excitement, fantasy, and youthful love. 
One time when I went to visit the boy in England, I insisted we visit Kensington Gardens (where JM Barrie would often go to write and where Peter Pan first met Tinkerbell. )  There’s a Peter Pan statue in the park (you can see it at the end of the film Hook) and I insisted the boy take me to see it in person.  I was secretly hoping that somehow, just by being there, I could find my way to Neverland…No such luck.  Even so, I still feel young at heart!  Here are some of my favorite Peter Pan inspired images and finds:

The perfect “Wendy Darling” dress…It totally looks like her nightgown!

I think I originally saw this on Modcloth

This necklace is included mainly because of the thimble – or should I say “kiss!”


Love this cute tinkerbell-ish dress and I adore the model’s pixie haircut!


From the 2003 movie version…


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