The Nicest Gift

My Christmas present from the boy this year, was something quite special indeed!  Something I really needed and wanted and totally didn’t expect.  He had tons of our pictures printed to help motivate me and get me going on my scrapbooking.
I used to scrapbook all the time, but now with a blog and a digital camera, I have a lot more photos to choose from and I find it hard to spend the time printing them all out.  He took the part I hate about scrapbooking and did it for me.  Isn’t that so thoughtful?  
Not only that, he went to Micheal’s and bought a selection of stickers that actually go with the pictures he had printed.  Adorable!  I can only imagine him scanning the sticker aisles for the perfect embellishments to coincide with our road trip pics.  Priceless!  

That boy is a good one!

One thought on “The Nicest Gift

  1. That is such a sweet and thoughtful gift! My husband only enters Michael's if I trick him into running errands with me; I don't think he would ever willingly go there on his own. You're boy sounds like a keeper!


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