Ok, so I’d be lying if I said the thought of getting a tattoo never crossed my mind.  But the pain and the permanancy has always been a disuading factor.  I know I’d have a hell of a time picking something that I truly and completely love now…and in 20 years.  So I’ve never gotten any tattoos and I’m not likely to get any, I think.  
But that’s why temporary tatts are so fun!  Over the New Year’s weekend I sported this temporary tattoo designed by Kate of Flapper Doodle and I must say, I loved the reaction it received.  It was so much fun to be inked if only for just a week.  I still don’t think a real tattoo is in the cards for me, but if it were, it would certainly be something like this.  I simply adore Kate’s designs.  

She just updated her shops so be sure to check them out!

3 thoughts on “Inked…Temporarily!

  1. I DO know I want a tat or two, however I don't have the money right now. Plus I just love a cute temp tattoo and that one is ADORABLE!!! LOVE IT!

    I would have no idea you weren't permanently inked if you hadn't said anything. 😀


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