Hayley Mills Marathon!

Another one of my fabulous gifts from the holidays was a three movie collection of Hayley Mills Mills – Polyanna, The Parent Trap and That Darn Cat.  Since opening them on Christmas morning, I have watched all of them plus all the bonus features – and it’s been a blast!  I just adore all the sweet charm of Hayley Mills.  I actually kinda forgot about these movies until I started reading Scathingly Brilliant  and Kate reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching Hayley Mills as a child.  

Since I am loving my Hayley Mills fest at the moment, here are some pretty pics of the young actress…I like that she has such a great sense of humor and is not afraid to look silly.  You can see that in her films and in these pictures.  Definitely a cool lady! 

***All photos found via Google Images

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