Made this Monday – Paint Swatches Wall Art

Hello Lovelies!  I hope you all had a splendid New Year’s Eve and Day.  We’ve just been taking it easy over here.  The boy’s been playing a lot of X-Box and I’ve been doing a lot of reading!  (Yep, I said reading!) 

But in my New Year’s down time I also managed to create a project from my list of things to do before I turn 30 – create something from paint sample swatches! And here she is:

Hanging colorfully above the blackboard in our kitchen! I think it fills the space so nicely and was so easy to make!  I got the inspiration from here and during a lunch break last week walked over to Home Depot to collect paint swatches.  I was a little concerened someone would ask what I was up to because I was choosing so many, in so many bright colors, but no one did.  I walked out of there with a lovely array of paint sample cards, and the best part?  Their free! 

Then to make, I simply layered the cards in the order I liked over a piece of card stock fashioned to fit the size of the frame.  Once I had the design I wanted I went back and attached the cards to the paper with double sided tape. 

Finally, I cut basic block letters out of white copy paper, outlined them with a colorful sharpie and attached them with double sided tape to the design.  And there you have it! 

It’s so nice to already have completed a project from my list….It makes me feel like the year is already off to a productive start! 

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