New Years…

I know everyone in blogland is doing the look-back posts these days.  The best of 2011 and all that.  I’d like to say that I am not going to follow the trend, but I am easily influenced.  But 2011 was actually a very up and down kind of year for me; there were some amazing things that happened, but there were also some terrible things that happened. 
I try to keep this blog positive and a place where I can focus on the lovely things in life, so here is a look back at some of my happiest moments of 2011 in pictures. 
We saw Kristin Chenoweth on New Year’s Eve
Went to Paso Robles with my Parents
I was a bridesmaid in McNally’s wedding
My sweet cousin Kaitlyn got married too
Anna and Manisha came to visit LA
We visited my Aunt Jeanette in Portland
We shot our first ever Desolation Dance Video
We started our Burger Quest!
The boy took me to see Kevin Arnold’s house from The Wonder Years
Stef and Tracy came to visit and took us to Disneyland!
The boy took me on an amazing road trip that included seeing The Grand Canyon
The boy’s Mum came to visit!
The boy took me back to Disneyland at Christmas time
I danced in the Nutcracker again, despite being totally out of shape!

And here’s to a great New Year everyone!  See ya in 2012!

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