Sounds of the Season- Part 1

Music is such a huge part of the holiday season. And I absolutely love that!
I love that Christmas carols start to take over the city during this time of year. You hear them on the radio, in the shops, on the street – everywhere! But it’s easy to start to feel like many of your holiday favorites are getting overplayed and stale, especially if you’re anything like me and have been listening to Christmas music since mid-November.
As much as I love the classics from the likes of Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole, sometimes I want to mix my holiday music up a bit with some different selections.  There are a whole bunch of great indie winter playlists going around the blogisphere at the moment and one of them is the Hey, It’s Christmas album, Volume 2.  
Volume 1 was released last year and did so well, they made another.  It’s a compilation of new and old Christmas songs recorded by independent artists all over the country, and it’s definitely a nice alternative if you’ve heard Burl Ives singing about his Holly Jolly Christmas a time or two too many!  
I must admit, I’m not wild about all the songs on here, but there are a few I think are pretty fun.  So give it a listen while you’re writing up your Christmas cards or decking your halls this weekend.  I’ll be back with another holiday music link tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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