Playing at Pueblos

As we drove to Monument Valley back in October, we made a few roadside stops, one being the Wupatki Pueblo in Arizona.  It was amazing to see these ruins way out in the middle of no where and just imagine what life must have been like for the inhabitants.  
Clearly you can see that life must have been so different, but when you look closer you can see that there were so many things that were actually the same.  For instance, they had an arena for playing sports after a long days work.   They called it the Blowhole Ballcourt.  
Also it was so serene and silent out there, it was a bit eerie.  For a moment it almost felt like time had stopped as we walked around the Pueblo.  It was really something special to see and I know my grandparents would have been very proud of us for checking it out. 

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